An Enemy Within Is More Dangerous Than Raiders

Everybody belongs to a social unit. This may range from a family to a village, and from religious group to work institutions. In this regard there is always a two-way impact between one person and another. It follows therefore that in any case, one is affected just as one’s own life affects others. It may be in a good way or a bad way. Suffice to say that there are always variations in terms of traits that make one essentially different from other.

Certainly people have aspirations and desires. But not all aspirations or desires are practically good. This is why in any social unit as aforementioned we would find out that at some point in time a sort of conflict of interest arises in the midst of members leading to disagreements. Under a very serious situation a quarrel erupts. Thank goodness there is always time for a reconciliation so much that harmony and tolerance get restored thereby letting life to return to normalcy.

However, let us briefly depart from this, and look at social life in a little different way. When everything seems to be okay, nobody thinks there might be a Judas Iscariot within a group. Not until when an expected tragedy befalls them. Take, for instance, a situation whereby criminals trespass on a bank premises at night. They break into the building, and steal therein huge amount of money from the vaults which apparently are secured by strong combinations and alarm system. In the morning almost everybody wears a gloomy face, unable to construe how possibly unknown criminals could have accessed an entry into a highly secured building.

A report is made to investigation agents for help. And a preliminary examination of facts reveals that an internal element as the mastermind of the breaking. In this regard, a person who serves as the bank’s electronic security expert and the operations manager had the previous day wilfully disabled such an infallible security system with intent to aid in theft of the money. But, during questioning the trained expert fails to explain as to what happened for the locking system to have collapsed. He can’t even explain why he did not take any precaution to avert any probable danger if not to fully restore the system before knocking off… Worse than that he didn’t report the purpoted fault to the bank manager.

Another scenario is a marriage whose couple do not genuinely love each other. Look around and you will see that others get into a marriage with an aim to milk a spouse of his or her wealth. Otherwise, a man or woman resorts to terminating a partner’s life so that he or she will inherit deceased property as widower or widow. And this happens in a highly organized and premeditated manner so as to avoid suspicions… Again, the so-called bosom friends of yours can attack you when you expect them to be on your side… Truth be told, no matter how close a married couple may be or friends may be, one’s mental territory lies at a distance too far for either to reach. Let me contextually call this a mental territorial barrier.

In every sense of words, without such a mental territorial barrier, there wouldn’t be fraudulent accounting, or any corrupt practice in the public offices. Likewise, there wouldn’t be an unfaithfulness like adultery, and you name it, in marriages. Otherwise, in the first place almost all of us get together on basis of trust, only to be betrayed later on. Oh yes..! However, one fact remains indisputable: that God’s eye clearly sees everything, even in the pitch darkness. To this effect, all secrets are bound to come to limelight sooner or later.

Surely, we fear intruders who may at some point want to attack us. But hey, as we have reasoned together, sometimes an enemy might be right within our own team. Frankly speaking, such one enemy is more dangerous than the whole gang of attackers… It is, therefore, important that we be very cautious when choosing who to associate with, or who to work with, or who to marry. This way, we shall avoid becoming victims of breach of trust.


In Fear Of Getting Old

It is a quarter past six o’clock in the evening, local time. After taking a bath, I stand in front of a mirror pinned against a wall in my bedroom. And while using a towel to wipe drops off my body starting from my face I notice how advanced in age I am slowly becoming. It is only forty days and a few hours before my forty first birthday. That is if God, my creator and controller keeps me alive.

A report by a local NGO which looks into the affairs of the elderly indicates that at least eleven people have been murdered in the past six months. Why…? Actually the clueless and innocent elderly people were suspected of practicing witchcraft. And reacting to this sad news, several quarters of the national community have expressed a concern over a continued tendency of young people in the country accusing the elderly people of witchcraft, which the latter have no knowledge of. It appears that some ill minded individuals can ake it as a leeway to execute their hatred against the elderly by fabricating witchcraft accusations.

What worries me most is the fact that the innocent elderly people are being murdered in spite of the duty which all of us have to protect our grandparents. At the time of their ordeal they have their dwelling houses burned down. Really, this is very traumatic… Surprisingly, at times children or their grandchildren are seen to the frontliners in afflicting severe atrocities on the already feeble aged men and women.

Any prudent person wonders if these elderly people grew up being wizards or witches, why they would in the first place take good care of their children since their birth. I believe any such rebellion against one’s own parents is like a river cursing its own water source. In other words, this behaviour is a taboo which calls for misfortunes for the rest of the perpetrator’s life.

A village without elders is like a well without water… So goes an adage. Just like a well supplies water to the people around it, an elderly person provides the young generation with infallible wisdom on issues that matter most in human life. No matter how much intelligent you and I may be, there comes a rare moment in our day-to-day life when we do consult the elderly people for guidance. Simply put, he or she has a vast experience of what life practically means.

At my age, I’m sure I’m slowly getting closer to old age. And when that time comes my face will develop wrinkles. Over and above, I’ll not be as strong as I am now. Along this line of thinking, it is obvious I’ll not be able to protect myself from such attacks by merciless people. While we assume that some people have supernatural powers, I wonder why such accusations are not leveled even against the youth. Else, do evil spirit dwell only in aged human beings…? No-no-noo, I don’t think so.


Lucifer Might Be Using Political Authority

In the morning of Sunday, 26th April this year, officers from Balaka Police Station ordered God worshipers out of various churches. Such churches that were affected include the Roman Catholic, Hosanna Bible Church, and other more. The police action was in accordance with government rules on Covid preventive measures. And in the process at least one pastor for was taken to the station but returned after a short time, of course without a charge.

Just after the incident there was an uproar not only from this township but from all corners of the nation. Oh yes, this is extraordinary, but, well the police might justify their action to say they only executed orders from their superiors in command. And that is exactly what they said… In turns and twists of events not later than a week, the presidential advisor on religious matters came up with a statement of apology to the clergy as well as to the whole nation.

Like hypocrites they are, members of the governing elite have not come in the open to condemn huge political gatherings. Some gatherings have so far taken place in a guise of Covid-19 awareness interface with people far much more than a hundred contrary to articles entrenched in the gazetted rules. Even the honourable health minister is on public record as having organised a football tournament as a crowd puller for awareness interface. What impression does all this give us?Ironically, when such duty bearers had the purported interface rallies or whatever they call, many attendants were seen in governing political party colours. However, it is surely clear that politicians are panic, courtesy of the fresh presidential poll scheduled next month.

Okay, that aside, there is a strong feeling that the devil wants to have as many people as possible in the dark. Let us brainstorm here… On the one hand a political government of a State gives express restrictions on numbers of worshipers in holy places. And, on the other hand, the same government officials have blindfolded themselves not to see anything wrong in very big political campaign rallies. Admittedly, the world health experts have warned that the virus may not go away sooner from human society. In this view, any prudent person should ask if people will distance themselves away from their God for as long as Covid is here on earth.

Early this week, religious leaders in the country did not skirt around the point but to accuse government of playing double standards in a Covid response. My Malawi has ever been known as the godfearing nation. Some of us have suggested the idea that holy meetings by worshipers be held in the open space outside the church where many people can gather while observing a healthy distance apart as advised by health experts. In group prayers Christians’ faith becomes rock solid as they communicate with God in thanksgiving, while pleading for forgiveness, healing and blessings.

Meanwhile, majority of worshipers in this country have the impression that the devil is hooking and manipulating government leaders. In the light of the foregoing we believe that Covid-19 is a satanic manifestation. Certainly, in our endeavours to fight a pandemic like this one, we need God like never before… We have to call upon the holy spirit to keep Lucifer away from this nation.


Grappling With Life Challenges

A lot of things, perilous things are happening. Six years ago, the world got awash with news that a group of terrorists called Isis invaded Iraq and Syria in an operation with an aim of creating a caliphate which would be known as Islamic State. The terrorists gave the entire mideast one of the toughest experience in a fight against terrorism. No wonder a coalition of armed forces from various countries went there to defend the region from these extremists. And four years later or so, they were defeated, well after many innocent vulnerable people got beheaded or otherwise killed.

However just last month we heard that Isis attacked some areas in Iraq. One wonders where this time they have come from. Which is why we, vis-à-vis, are astounded as to where these extremists get their money to finance their military operations… Of course one is prompted to assume the Isis fighters have taken advantage of a political instability in that nation. And this is happening at the time when the country’s Parliament deliberated and passed a resolution for all American soldiers to leave the country.

Again it is a very difficult moment when Covid-19 has destabilised the whole world, a fact which some of us believe has also given a leeway to Isis to launch their attack, for they know surely that a great attention is being given to the pandemic… However, the ultimate question relates to a source of their funding. I mean, which nation and/or who is bankrolling such brutal and bloody operations? On humanity point of view, barbaric acts need not be financed; not at all! War is evil. It displaces people from their homes, as families get separated. Particularly those who suffer most are vulnerable people like the elderly, little children, and women.

As averred above Covid has affected every nation, great or small, rich or poor. Now, the challenge is that such super powers that played a greater role in defeating Isis are experiencing a huge economic recession. Along the same line, donor aid which most of the underdeveloped countries receive comes from such nations which have hit the hardest. The implication is that donor aid may not be as sufficient as it would otherwise have been under a normal global situation. For countries with weak economies dealing with Covid-19 pandemic on the one hand and countering terrorism on the other is to climb an uphill.

Lest we forget, another terrific thing is in the name of Ebola, a fatal disease which has existed for decades. First known in 1976 in DRC formerly Zaire, Ebola has killed many many people in various African territories… And then HIV/Aids is another big trouble for mankind, but thank goodness there is ARV therapy now which has proved efficient… Talking of diseases, one wonders why outbreaks come with a succession of some sort. One wonders as to when we shall breathe a sigh of relief. It is like we are here on earth to grapple with a litany of troubles for eternity.


Covid Crisis, Political Dishonesty And Selfishness

At least now the information about a great threat of Covid is almost there in every corner of this world. With a coordination of WHO governments are attempting to control the spread of the virus. So far, unreliable records show that the virus has infected over four point one million people, and has killed over 279,000 people worldwide. Don’t mind my language, but I’m only being realistic here bearing in mind huge lapses in the health systems, and geopolitical interests. So, reasonably I believe that the reported figures are far much lower than the reality on the ground.

Here in my homeland, the official announcement of Covid-19 was made early March this year. We have since been advised to avoid mingling with others, vis-a-vis if need be there for a meeting of some sort, to observe a social distancing of at least one metre, and not to have more than a hundred people in one place. At some point the government was to effect a national lockdown, whereby people would be allowed to go out of homes only for essential purposes at specified times of a day. The planned lockdown failed to come into effect following a court order which was issued on petition by a group of human rights activists. So in essence, what we have is a partial lockdown. Most of economic activities are not as vibrant as would normally be.

Our nation goes back to polls this year after a Constitutional Court nullified last year’s presidential elections in a ruling which has so far been upheld by the Supreme Court Of Appeal. With this arrangement, last month we woke up one day to be astounded by the fact that politicians in the government organised a public meeting attended by up to one thousand people or so. The opposition political parties and other concerned citizens voiced their resentment against that, which fell on deaf ears as the leading party officials continued breaching regulations that apparently were made by themselves.

In terms of the forthcoming fresh presidential elections, slated for 2nd July 2020, Wednesday and Thursday last week the days for presentation of nomination papers by candidates to the electoral commission. The most absurd thing is that we saw even the interim president pulled a multitude of people along with him as he went to present his papers to the electoral body. Later he had whistle stop tours around Blantyre City to address his followers who thronged the streets in huge numbers… I wonder what this reflects on his part as one who wants yet another term of office… On the other hand, we have seen that those in opposition political parties have lost patience on the issue as they have started organising campaign rallies. For instance on Sunday, the 10th May the biggest and formidable political alliance conducted a campaign rally in the northern City of Mzuzu with thousands of people in attendance.

Meanwhile, it remains to be seen how this trend will come to an end. Will an executive arm of government come up with new rules as guidance in an attempt to fight Covid-19 pandemic? Like any prudent person, I reasonably and strongly doubt applicability and viability of any such rules. I mean, the same group of overzealous and selfish politicians who are entrusted with the ultimate duty to safeguard the rule of law for the best interest of common people in this country are in forefront breaching the same laws. Ironically, the rule of law provides that no single person is above the law.

This comes barely two weeks after police officers in Balaka township stormed various churches to enforce a regulation which forbids more than a hundred people from gathering at any place. Now, let us reason together here. If the government is banning us from gathering for religious purposes, why won’t the same public servants strictly observe the same law in terms of political rallies..? Talking about the police officers invading churches, one finds it too difficult to understand the wisdom of being more strict with a religious gathering than with political assemblies… Apparently, it is common knowledge that churches are sacred places where God is readily available. It follows along this philosophy that God is the one who has impeccable powers to heal the entire world from Covid-19. In simple terms, chasing congregants from such places is more or less like depriving them of their opportunity of talking with God in a prayer.

When all is said and done, it is very much in order for us to say that our politicians are being dishonest and selfish. But what is at stake is human life. Obviously, political assemblies are a recipe for Covid-19 to spread to all corners of my beloved country. I mean, we can not rule out possibility of one of those who thronged the aforementioned political rallies being a carrier of the deadly virus. And if this be the case, we are likely to have tragedy.

Surely, everyone looks forward to political leaders be responsible when. Generally, our life is too important to compromised by mere politics. We are going to control Covid-19. Alternately we plead with our politicians to help protect our lives from the pandemic.


Pharisees And Sadducees Of This Generation

An establishment of Christianity dates back to a day of Pentecost when all apostles assembled in one place. Such was apparently their first assembly alone since Jesus Christ ascended into heaven. To those who had gathered as mere astounded spectators Peter did preach repentance and forgiveness of sins. And the Bible says about three thousand people got baptised on that day in the name of Jesus Christ. This implied a rapid growth of the church.

But the founder of Christianity was, and remains, Jesus. In other words, He is the head of church – Ephesians 5:23. Throughout his mission here on earth he taught multitudes to repent, accept him as son of God and saviour, and get baptised. Those with ailments were healed by him… In spite being the son of God, he faced an opposition mainly from Pharisees, Sadducees as well as the scribes… Do we know who these people were, anyway…?

Briefly, pharisees were members of a Jewish political and religious group. In this regard they are remembered for their political, religious and social roles in their community. They were legalistic as they advocated for strict observance of Mosaic laws including their rites and ceremonies. In line with their roles they got a hand from scribes, the learned class who wrote and taught laws… Apart from being members of an aristocratic political party, Sadducees also held the priestly positions in their temple. It is crystal clear, according to the Bible that these groups were both discriminatory and hypocritical in some way… As stated above they always opposed Jesus. But suffice to mention that they failed on all occasions to suppress him.

Gospel according to Mark 2: 14-17 and Luke 5: 29-32, Levi held a banquet at his house for Jesus, whereas a crowd of other tax collectors and others ate with him. But pharisees and teachers of the law complained as if talking to his disciples, “Why do you eat and drink with tax collectors and sinners?” Upon hearing this, Jesus’ answer was that, “It is the sick who need the doctor and not the healthy,” adding that he came not for the righteous, but to call sinners to repentance.

We further hear that one day at a dawn hour Jesus was in the temple courts teaching people who gathered around him. So, it happened that the pharisees and teachers of the law brought to him a woman caught in the act of adultery, saying the law of Moses mandated them to stone her to death. Jesus challenged that if there was anyone who had never sinned he could throw a stone at her. But they all went away, leaving Jesus with a woman still standing there alone. He did not condemn her, but ordered her to go and never again live a sinful live – John 8: 1-11.

In both outlined situations, we draw an inference that Jesus Christ really came for sinners. It follows therefore that the church must be all-round inclusive, not sidelining others. As a matter of truth, no single mortal can claim to be righteous. However, it is very unfortunate that up to date some clergy and, of course, the laity do not seem to adhere to this doctrine set by Jesus. In fact, segregation undermines the essence of preaching repentance, as it causes the redeemed ones to feel worthless.

Let us use two scenarios to check our conduct… Somebody has died, and has to be buried. Elders of any particular church discuss whether or not it is in the best interest of their church for them to perform a requiem for the deceased. And their final decision is based on how the deceased conducted oneself when one was alive. Another scenario is where a member of laity appears to have breached the laws of God. Some of the clergy or members of the laity portray a holier-than-thou attitude, actively spreading the story as if they are news reporters from heaven. Is this Christianity…? I mean, who, other than God, knows an actual spiritual status of another person?

Through a parable Jesus gave to people around him a stern caution, which equally applies to us, against an attitude of self-righteousness. “Two men went up to the temple to pray; a pharisee and the other a tax collector. The pharisee stood up and prayed about himself. ‘God, I thank that I’m not like other men: robbers, evildoers, and adulterers, or even like this tax collector. I fast twice a week, and give tenth of all I get’. But the tax collector stood at a distance. He would not even look up to heaven, and beat his breast and said, ‘God, have mercy on me, a sinner’. I tell you that this man, other than the other, went home justified. For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.”

In a nutshell, the idea we get from the Bible is that Jesus Christ came down on earth for a sinner. At least, this is my belief. It is stated, “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and are justified freely by the redemption that came by Jesus Christ.” Romans 3: 23-24. Only if and when we do realise this, there will no longer be sectarian Christianity in which some people take time to cause a spiritual humiliation to others purportedly in the name of God… May the Holy Spirit guide us so that we be not influenced by pharisaic behaviour.



Nature Is The Source Of Law

Look at your face; look at my face; and look at all other faces. We are simply alike. Simply, we resemble our creator… These are translated words in a song which was done by a reggae artist in the name of Evison Matafale whose musical talent earned him a title as king of reggae in Malawi and arguably in Africa. Some called him a prophet, saying he emphasised, “I don’t fear death because my Bible tells me that I should fear the one who kills both body and spirit, not body alone.” But, alas…! He died under very much suspicious circumstances aged thirty two. May his soul rest with God in eternal peace.

Talking about his death, some people are made to believe that his death was hastened by his detention in custody of police. Briefly, the late musician had released a document outlining a number of allegations against central government. It is in this view that he was regarded as a political activist. He was arrested on 24th November in the year 2001 on charges of sedition. That time Evison was a malaria patient, a fact which was also made known to police officers as his mother groaned that detaining him was more likely to worsen his health. But police officers disregarded it, arguing he would be okay. An autopsy by a medical doctor showed he died of severe pneumonia, but this was contended by his brother who claimed the late was tortured by police officers.

True to song words as recited above, we are alike, having been created by one God who, according to Genesis 2: 27, created people in His own image. It follows that no matter differences we have, be it colour, race, sex or just anything, we are equal, and should treat one another as such. The same God who created us gave us a code of conduct in ten commandments which require us, among other things, not to steal, not to murder, not to tell lies. In simple terms such rules were made that there must be a coherent human society. However, it appears most of us have always gone against the rules. No wonder today we have a lot more laws than God gave us. Suffice to say that there is a thin line between God’s commandments and laws made by the world authorities. Whereas the latter are somehow unfair and unjust.

Well, laws are not as complex as they seem to be. It is the application system that complicates things. As already alluded to above, laws emanate from nature. Therefore it is expected of all and sundry not to find it difficult to abide by laws, because they give us a reflection of the ten commandments which were made by the creator.

In this article, we have to sample and discuss the fourth commandment that says “you shall not kill a fellow human being.” Today’s world constitutions in have a provision which authorises a particular agency to kill somebody on being convicted of specified offences. In accordance with world laws such offences that are punishable by death are categorised as capital offences. Of course, one wonders if some offences are more serious than others… In my view there should never be somebody with a perception that a gravity of one particular crime differs from another. To the contrary, all sins are equal. In the like terms, there should never be somebody thinking that he or she can commit a crime within powers of a particular law.

Like what Prophet Isaiah tells us at Chapter 1 verse 18, God says though our sins are like scarlet they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as a crimson, they shall be like wool. As per this biblical reasoning, why do we have laws that to demarcate a line between some wrings from others…? In the same vein why do we have laws that give power to legal authorities or political authorities to kill people on account of orders made by a court of law…? I mean, does a mortal have to kill another mortal simply because the latter has come into conflict with laws…? As we are talking right now some world leaders exercise their so-called  powers to assassinate their political opponents. Such killings are carried out in disguise of invoking a doctrine of necessity.

In conclusion, the main argument herein is that any law should be made and enforced with the underlying fact that nature is the source of law. In this way, all laws are subject to God’s ten commandments.


End Times, Terrible Times

As I’m writing this article I have a strong belief that it is very prudent for everybody to understand life in the fullest context. Except that it is not as easy as seeing things. Well, in this documentary I intend to explore some hidden reality beyond a visible status of life. Based on the current global situation, it appears that we are on a path towards even too much painful unbearable experiences like never before.

Let me begin by stating that I categorically disagree with all those who rate my beloved country as poor nation. It may seem to be poor, but no, it is not. My people are not poor in mind, either. To the contrary, the naked truth is that we have been and continue to be heavily exploited and manipulated by external individuals who seem likely to stop at nothing to force their egocentric and irrational theories on us… And so we don’t freely enjoy all privileges of our territorial dignity and sovereignty. A reference herein is of slavery and colonialism which gradually have led to a very systematic limitation of our freedom, potential, space, and time to achieve self sufficiency.

Long, long time ago when the earth was created by God, it was so perfect that human beings would simply find everything in it. There never would be disease outbreaks or death, discord or hatred among people. But things changed for the negative, later, when the devil manipulated early human beings into disobedience of God’s law. This is according to ordained authors whose writings in the Bible are proof of this, which I believe. Not much will be mentioned in this documentary about the Bible… Suffice to emphasize herein the fact that quite a number of prophets or apostles including Jesus Christ the Messiah did their best, and today other servants of God continue, to enlighten everyone everywhere in this world… Well articulated issues in prophecies and/or teachings include signs of end times which literally are foretold to be very unbearable and terrible as characterized by perpetual conflicts, hatred, fighting and disease outbreaks.

Meanwhile the world is in a crisis following Covid-19 pandemic with well over 2.25 million reported cases, as of today, 18th April 2020 according to WHO which so far has announced well over one hundred fifty thousand fatalities… Admittedly, the so-called virus caused various challenges and panic beyond our understanding and abilities. So far, some institutions at the world level have described this as the worst crisis in a century. What is being touted by global role players in health service system both as control and preventive measure is isolation, otherwise termed as social distancing. But most of the governments, except for very few, have banned religious assemblies, an order which is not only extraordinary, but also spiritually insensitive.

More confusing is the fact that there is a theory suggesting that this virus is human made. Those disseminating this theory allege that a few people are manifesting egocentric objectives at the expense of vulnerable groups worldwide. Some are suggesting that this might even be the beginning of a new world order in which everybody shall be given a demonic microscopic chip inside their bodies in guise of a vaccine for this amazing virus which eventually shall be used to control human beings… Considering intricate state of things and circumstances, one finds oneself not only confused, but also convinced.

National authorities in my country two weeks ago made announcement of the first three Covid-19 cases which later rose to sixteen. And early this week a lockdown was announced as scheduled to come into effect at night this Saturday. But some critics have described this as merely an imitated decision which lacks a justification, whatsoever. And so far Human Rights Defenders Coalition alongside other religious organizations yesterday did secure an injunction from the High Court restraining any government agency from enforcing the lockdown.

Now, hearing the cited assertions is one thing, and construing them is another. But great wisdom is suitable and applicable here… “No smoke rises into the air without fire.” This is as per the old wise folks in my country. It is just a thin line of ambiguities and/or imprecisions that may exist. However we can agree herein that, ambiguities and imprecisions do not equate to a falsehood. Otherwise, ambiguities do occur because somebody somewhere is somehow hiding something… Just imagine, last evening a close friend of mine working at the district hospital confirmed that indeed some doctors are being forced by some officials to announce bogus Covid-19 cases… Oh my God…! No wonder a former leader of medical doctors association in this country suddenly resigned from that position last month for allegedly not being in terms with conduct of some national authorities.

Perhaps somebody thinks this may not be a sufficient proof that simply a few evil minded selfish people are playing with our lives. Well, everyone is entitled to one’s opinion. But, let us consider what happened in China at the onset of virus outbreak last year. Dr Li Wenliang, was the first to notify his colleagues about strange signs and symptoms in patients, which, in his medical prudence, suggested a strange disease altogether. By and large, this spilled out to other people including government authorities. Instead of working with him on his worthwhile discovery, political authorities sent police officers to rebuke him. All this issue came to be known through some world television stations earlier this year. Sadly, that young doctor died of the same virus having contracted it in the line of duty. His death is actually held in the highest esteem by most of the well meaning people both in his country and and even this far. Thus he is regarded as a hero. May his soul rest in eternal peace with God.

Surely this pandemic is a challenge, oh yes. But it is utterly demonic for political authorities to conspire with some billionaires to ban religious assemblies across the world all in the guise of protecting people. This is why religious leaders in my country have complained of having been sidelined prior to making that decision. There were disease outbreaks in the past as well, but political governments could not ban religious assemblies; instead they turned to religious clerics and prophets for guidance. How I admire Tanzanians for having a God-fearing president in John Magufuli, who told his people on Sunday, the 05th April 2020 that this Coronavirus is a demon whereas the church is the holy body of Christ, adding that he could not close the church because this virus would not survive in the body of Christ. It is said that John Magufuli is holds a PhD in chemistry, but it is crystal clear he does not want to compromise God’s status in any manner with knowledge of worldly matters.

These facts seem to be indicators of fulfilment of what the Bible says. As per Acts 2: 17 God says, “In the last days, I’ll pour out my spirit on all my people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams…” True to these words, there are quite a number of prophets in our midst. However, the Bible warns us in terms of 2 Timothy 3: 1 and 12 that in the last days there will be terrible times… In fact, everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted… Suffice to say herein that everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved – Acts 2: 21.


A Requisite Flashback Of My Past

At least I have three months ahead of my birthday celebration… I have just woken up and, having cleaned my face and teeth, I am reclining on the back of the chair in the sitting room. A switch to one of my favourite local television stations takes me to critical meditation process. The presenter of a morning magazine has mentioned the essence of every person doing a self evaluation and making some feasible resolutions. I am very impressed, and, suddenly I find myself recalling my past, starting with occurrences which characterised my existence last year.

Quite a number of things, most of which unusual, occurred last year. I went through a series of recurrent psychotic episodes. Relationship with my supervisors at work got affected in one way or another, of which details are not significant here. Suffice to say that through public service policies and regulations I was told I would be retired on medical grounds subject to oral medical interview before a board of doctors from Ministry of Health. An impact has been twofold: it feels like a bad news on the one hand, and good news on the other. Bad news because I am heavily burdened by a feeling of uncertainty as I don’t actually know what lies ahead of me…; and a good news in a sense that I hope a gratuity will be a favourable factor for me to start a new life altogether.

In the process I am prompted to examine my past life circumstances, from childhood to preemployment times… To an extent I believe some things which happened to me in the past have a critical bearing on my present life. And on a significant note, I know a person is what he or she is today based on how one was actually nurtured.

My memory is still fresh that when I was ten years old, there was hunger all over the country. But to our family the problem was even more severe as we were in an abyss of abject poverty. We ate once a day. Occasional fortune smiled at us when the government in loop with some charity organisations distributed relief food items. Clothing was another real display of miserable life circumstances. I mean, if we could not afford three meals everyday, how would we be well dressed…?

Well, our parents were doing this and that for our survival. At some point in time they started brewing masese – a local beer whose ingredients include maize flour or cassava flour as well as finger millet flour or sorghum flour – and distilling kachasu, a local liquor from sugarcane. However, the cost of living remained much higher than what our parents realised from the alcohol business… Because maize was scarce, they had to cover far distances to buy dry cassava which was then pounded into flour, and that meant additional expenses.

I remember on some days my mother could give me a quarter litre cup of masese. It should be noted that she continued this until I was fourteen. Of course, I am still unable to figure out why she did that to me at such a very tender age. Suffice to mention herein that at times parents may be reckless and irresponsible as far as nurturing a child is concerned… Well, days went by; I could sneak into the kitchen to at least half litre of masese. For sure that was when the spirit of alcoholism crept into my subconscious.

Graduating into adulthood, I slowly became an imbiber. I not only wined but also smoked Indian hemp. One might assume that was as a result of idleness, but hey, no…! This behaviour continued even when God gave me an employment in the police service, and it is now fifteen years on. As a result of alcoholism I have lost an estimated two million kwacha… Quite a huge sum of money that would otherwise have been of great benefit to me and my dependants including my mother. The devil was actively manipulating me so that I didn’t have even a little time to exercise caution. Meanwhile, my life has not registered a tangible socioeconomic progress in spite of working and getting paid.

Elders in their impeccable wisdom have often said that the past is there for us to learn, whereas today is here for us to manage… It follows, then, that life is understood backward and lived only forward… Certainly, no one can reverse one’s own lifetime as if to correct one’s own mistakes or such mistakes committed by those who had a duty to nurture a child. Flashbacks herein are quite significant as I focus on how best I should live the rest of my life here on earth.


Coronavirus Has Also Infected The Spirit

It is now about four months since the world came to know or hear about the deadliest virus called Covid-19. The viral pandemic has already killed at least twenty five thousand (25,000) people, with well over half a million confirmed cases worldwide. May the souls of our fellow humans rest in the eternal peace… Kudos to the World Health Organization for coordinating efforts in the global fight against this pandemic. Again it sounds somehow good, though unusual, that a number of countries are under lockdown as enforced by police and military forces either radically or randomly.

Seven days have gone after the national leadership of our country declared a state of disaster. Further the government announced measures aimed at preventing the virus from getting here. This followed confirmed cases in our neighbouring countries, Mozambique, Tanzania and Zambia. Of course it remains to be seen as to what will happen sooner nor later. It is not like we are being pessimistic, no, but we are overwhelmed with great fear. This fear is due to the high speed at which the virus is causing an unprecedented havoc to mankind in the entire world, and also because our country is so much poor that battling the virus may be an uphill. Obviously this is why our government has made, among others, a decree banning any gathering of more than one hundred (100) people even in worship places. Suffice to say that this has also been ordered in other countries.

But then, while Covid-19 manifests its destructive prowess on earth, some of us are not in the loop of the notion of shutting down worship places. It is a fact that congestion in worship places are a recipe for the alarming spread rate of the virus… oh yes; however a total closure of these places is absurd to some extent. Some of us think that communal prayers have collective and extra powers to destroy the virus. We further hold the idea that instead of gathering inside a closed building, believers should gather in clusters in their localities. In this regard it will be much easy to observe and maintain an average space among worshippers so gathered as recommended by the policy makers and health experts.

Weekends are usually characterised by various religious activities. But this weekend is very different here in Malawi as fear continues gripping our minds. Not much is really happening. Of course some clerics are advocating for extraordinary hygiene in their sacred buildings. But a church very close to where I reside has suspended any religious activities at the church, whereas the laity have been directed that they be gathering in clusters in their residential areas… as suggested in the last preceding paragraph.

Obviously this points to the fact that Covid-19 has spiritually impacted on us. Perhaps this only shows how little our faith in God is. The world has had pandemics before… but behind such pandemics there may be something else. The biblical writings have some lessons to offer to us: a warning for us to do what is right in the eyes of God, and to have strong faith in God. As per Exodus 15: 26, God is speaks in clear terms that “If you listen carefully to the voice of the Lord your God and do what is right in his eyes, if you pay attention to his commands and keep all his decrees, I will not bring on you any of the diseases I brought on the Egyptians, for I am the Lord who heals you.” And the gospel according to Luke 9: 1-2 says “When Jesus called the twelve together, he gave them power and authority to drive out all demons and to cure diseases, and he sent them out to preach the kingdom of God and heal the sick.”

Lastly may we have such a strong unwavering faith in God because He is the healer. We humbly plead with our heavenly God to guide, motivate and protect front line health workers in this time of the pandemic. And also may we realise the importance for us to do what is right before God. There and then pandemics like Covid-19 will not come into existence.